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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the cake or the diet?

I took a few minutes at lunch to listen to Baltimore talk radio, which I never do. I guess it's my age. Or my desire to become wiser. Or just my desire to become less bored. Whatever my reason, I did it. I listened.

The one comment that stuck with me came from a man who was a former Marine, apparently a non-believer (his words), and who admitted to openly weeping in his conference room at work yesterday when Obama was sworn in. At that point, I was intrigued. His comment went something like this...(paraphrasing)...

"Obama's speech was like the diet and exercise plan. So, now that we have it, do we go eat cake?"

Basically, the whole conversation was about what WE are expected to do to make our country better. If we have this great idea set before us, yet choose to continue walking a path of selfishness and mistrust, we are in no better shape than we were 2 days ago. As a country, we are putting a lot of hope in a a dream. But, the reality of it is that it is going to take every person doing a little bit more...going one step farther...

I liked this caller's challenge. He was inspired, yet knew that inspiration would only go so far. When the rubber meets the road, is the rubber our running shoes? Are we (ME) ready to dig in and make a difference? I think that's what President Obama is asking us to do. Regardless of what political beliefs you hold, you (I) are responsible for serving your God and your fellow man well. Especially if you say you love Jesus and follow His teachings.

So, what are you willing to do to go that extra step? And, I'm really asking. 'Cause I'm looking for ways to expand my world, challenge my status quo, walk an extra mile in someone else's shoes. Love with excellence and in abundance.

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matt e. said...

Nice blog, Michele. Something all kinds of people (me) need to hear. ;o)